Daily Lessons, Special Days

The Life Beyond MBA


A Wise Interaction with Suresh Kashyap Sir:

It was the first lecture with Suresh Kashyap Sir and I was pretty excited to be a part of his class. Surprisingly, he shared a lot of thoughts and ideas of inspiration which encouraged us to think beyond imagination.
“‘Final year of MBA’ means something”, he began his lecture.
“Out of you 180, 18 persons will be something really big after 18 years and the world will look at them”, he said.
He actually drew a graph starting from our MBA journey and going back from where we began our schooling to the highest level of life we can think of, for ourselves.
“Job is not a problem. All of you will get a job but you must have a career vision in life. For company, you are not a person but a doctor. You will provide solutions to their problems”, he added.
His each words were striking directly to my heart and I could not resist them to enter into my nerves to inspire each corner of myself. He talked about various skills, which would help us to succeed, such as, Flexibility Skills, Physical Skills, Spiritual Skills and he also encouraged us to have self-decision making abilities. Moreover, he shared some terms like SEBI activism, RBI activism.
“You must have a career vision in life. How can you reach your destination without knowing where you actually want to be. You must read at least one newspaper daily and one article from any business magazine.”
It is undeniable fact that he can inspire anybody with his style of addressing the audience.
“If you don’t read newspaper and magazine, you will be half baked.”
I never heard such a collaboration of words but somehow they actually touched my heart.
“Just ask yourself, ‘What I want to be?’. Trust me, once you have a career vision, it will not let you sleep.”
These were really heavy thoughts that I could not resist myself from clapping but somehow, I ended up being the only one, applauding out of 180 students. May be I forgot for a second that it was not a guest lecture.
All in all, it was one of the best lectures of past three days.
In case, you were part of this class or learned something interesting today, feel free to share your experience in the comment below and spread your knowledge.
Things I Learned on August 11, 2017:
  1. No matter how you were in the past, never underestimate your present on the basis of your past.
  2. If you are willing to help someone, do it to the best of your abilities. (Lesson Credits: Navjot Kaur)
  3. It’s not hard to earn money but to act on your ideas without the faith in your abilities.
  4. That awesome moment when you receive the right guidance at right time. (Thanks to Navjot Kaur)

Feel free to share your feedback or opinion in the comment below and allow people to learn more from you.

Rohit Sood.

Daily Lessons, Special Days

There is always a first time for Everything:

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It was the first day of second year of MBA and excitement level was high because all those teachers from whom I had been taking guidance during my journey of college life, were finally going to teach me.
Now, the best thing is that I am ready to explore the unexplored and put myself into situations I have not experienced so far.
All in all, the day was quite fruitful because the teachers explained the importance of learning the respective courses. It may appear that it might have increased confusions in my mind yet it provided me enough details to take informed decisions for my career.
It’s just a beginning and I am looking forward to learn even more during this remaining duration of my MBA.
Other Things I Learned on August 8, 2017:
“There may be chaos and confusions but if you handle them well, they will not cause much trouble.”
Things I Learned on August 9, 2017:
That awesome moment when you decide to open a business and the first thing that comes into your mind is to contact your internship’s industry mentor and involve him into your ideas.
Today, I called my industry mentor and had a small discussion with him regarding the ideas which were floating in my mind. Fortunately, he listened to all my thoughts and gave me so many options and ways to put those ideas into execution.
“You never know how much easy it is to find help until and unless you ask for it.”
Daily Lessons

2 Days = 4 Lessons

Things I Learned on August 06, 2017:-
  1. Sometimes, we must keep our emotions in our heart only, otherwise  it may hurt someone.
  2. In life, we don’t owe explanations to everyone around.
  3. Happiness is what you create by yourself.
Things I Learned on August 7, 2017:
A thoughtful conversation:
I was talking with my friend and she suggested me that the social media must be at the end of my list. It is something that we must use only when we are actually free and have nothing else to do. She was right and I could not agree more. Now, 2 days have passed and I can compare that I was able to reduce its use and will gradually bring it even lower.
I am thankful to that friend for showing me the right path.
“You never know how much people have to tell you until and unless you give them an opportunity to speak.”
Daily Lessons

Learn Every Day:

Things I Learned Today: August 05, 2017:

  1. Make yourself a learning machine. (Lesson Credits: Prashant Shah)
  2. Hope and Expectation are two different things, therefore, we should never mix them up.
  3. Life becomes easy when we stop paying attention to its complications and focus on doing what we really Love.

I am still a learner and would love to know more from you. Share what you learned today in the comments below😊

Daily Lessons

Wisdom Unleashed in 3 Days

Things I Learned Today: August 02, 2017:

  1. It’s good to be expressive. People love it.
  2. It feels good when you do some extra work without even being asked for it.

Things I Learned Today: August 03, 2017:

  1. No matter how much you procrastinate, one day you will have to finish all those incomplete tasks to move further in life.

Things I Learned Today: August 04, 2017:

  1. Things may not go as you planned but they will definitely go in a way they are meant to be. (P.S. Internship Presentation.)
  2. That awesome moment when you feel inner satisfaction after completing your work in a best manner.