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Greetings for the day,

It’s been a long time since I shared my daily experiences with you. As far as I can remember, I stopped sharing daily learnings exactly after I posted my LAST BLOG POST on my THINGS I LEARNED TODAY BLOG i.e. on February 03, 2019.

Of course, it was a very hard decision for me to let go of THINGS I LEARNED TODAY habit two years ago. But if you have read THE LAST POST then probably you can understand how much needed it became for me to stop there. I feel that I had started to lose myself in that stage of my life. It was the most bottom phase of my motivation because I feel that at that time, I was merely standing at the door of about to enter into the stage of Depression.

Yes, that’s true that sometimes, some people are really temporary in our life even though no matter how hard we try to make them as a permanent part of our life. But when they decide to leave us, nothing can stop them. Begging them to stay in your life will only make your life even worse. Anyways, this is one of the examples of how hard that stage had become in that phase of life.

Well! Finally, 2 years later, we are back to square one, i.e. to do something that we are born for. And one thing is certain, that until I find the purpose of my life, I have borrowed the purpose of life of Jim Carrey, i.e. “To Free People From Concern”. Hence, I will follow this thought process by using the concept of THINGS I LEARNED TODAY on regular basis.

Before we discuss further, let’s discuss the kind of model that I had for Things I Learned Today Blog.
So, I used to share my daily learnings of life every single in the form of one liners by writing on my blog and various platforms. This was all in the form of writing.

Now, here are some changes that you may expect in the Season 2 of THINGS I LEARNED TODAY:

  • It will not be limited to written content which means that this time, I may start to share daily learnings in the form of videos as well.
  • I may not write the date on every single post because it’s the lesson that matters the most instead of when it is learned by me.
  • I may consider to change the name of this series. (Not Yet Finalized)
  • I may start to share short stories this time, instead of just sharing one liners.
  • I am not sure if I ll start posting on both blogs or it will be here only.

There may be more changes that can be expected in this series but I will keep you all updated about the same. The value that will be shared will be unlimited. I have grown so much as a person in the last two years that I can’t wait to start my journey of THINGS I LEARNED TODAY once again.

It had been so hard period of life for me since I stopped writing Things I Learned Today because total mindset shift was required to be done in all these two years and I feel super ready now, to start creating more value for you all.

I am so grateful to you all that you all have been here even now and that’s really encouraging.

I will soon update you with the Launch Date of Season 2 of THINGS I LEARNED TODAY.

Stay Tuned!

Keep Smiling,
Keep Shining,

Rohit Sood.



Every once in a while, in our life, we come across situations when our decision, be it small or big, makes a lot of difference in our life.

Those moments take us to an entirely different journey of life. We start to meet new people, learn new lessons that we wouldn’t have learnt staying on the same route of our life.

I just feel that Today, I have taken such a decision which has began my journey to a totally different track of life. I feel super ready to walk on this particular path because even if it’s taking a turn, it’s imperfectly perfect at this moment.

The best thing is that I am not attaching this path with end results, rather I am more self aware about this turning point of my life because I feel that taking this decision at this point of time is what matters the most.

We generally feel that what’s happening with is right now, is only what our life holds. But seldom we realise that there’s a lot more to it.

I know that the routes which I have followed so far, there’s no U-Turn towards them and the best thing is that I don’t want to turn back.

This turning point is happening only for the better.

Of course, I know that why would you care if I am having a turning point in my life today. And that’s the reason I am not sharing what’s the turning point.

Because the point is not to share my turning point, but to share how I feel about this turning point of my life.

Yes, it’s all my perspective and I really thank you for reading so.

I would even encourage you to share your opinion in the comments section,

Keep Smiling,

Keep Shining,


Rohit Sood

P.S. I am going through a 100 Days Challenge for posting at least one post on Instagram.

In this period, I will not concentrate on one niche but whatever I post, it will carry some purpose behind it, especially to help us become a better version of ourselves.

Hope, in these 100 days, I express about as many topics as I can.

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I Wish RIP Meant ‘Return If Possible’

I was using my Laptop when my brother told me about this heartbreaking news and I could suddenly feel the wetness in my eyes. I just don’t know how to begin my condolence for Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput.

I am deeply saddened by this news and I just can’t imagine that he is the same actor who performed so well in the Movie ‘Chhichhore’ that I ended up watching the movie twice. Ironically, the movie also talked about Hope and was totally against Suicide. Hearing about the reason for his absence, really broke me from within.
I wish RIP meant ‘Return If Possible’. Because you have been an inspiration for most youngsters and this really scares me to feel that ‘Our Inspirations are in trouble.’
Millions of followers, Thousands of Subscribers and Hundreds of Friends, don’t really mean anything if we see no one out of them as a person to whom we can approach when we are sad or feeling low. Just remember that they are not numbers, they are real people.
And for everyone, who always feel positive and optimistic, please be more approachable for people who really need you.

And for everyone, who sometimes, feel lack of hope or inspiration, please share your thoughts with loved ones or closed ones. And if you still feel that sharing your emotions with them may compel them to judge you, feel free to approach me anytime if you ever feel like sharing your thoughts or emotions. I will always be all ears for you.

From this moment onwards, I open myself for Free Consultation Calls as well and my DM on Instagram will always be open.
I just feel that we all together are in it and it’s rightly quoted by one of the famous personalities,”United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”
I may not be perfect to guide everyone or anyone but I will surely act as an attentive listener to you to help you release your pain.

Dear Sushant,I may not have ever met you. You might not be even aware if I exist. But your movies have always been an inspiration for us. I don’t know the reason for your decision. But I just want you to know that your presence will be missed.I was eagerly waiting for your movie, ‘Dil Bechara’, the movie based on the book, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.I wish June 14, 2020 did not ever come, so that you could still be alive at this moment and the inspiration like you were still be around us.I wish I could type more while having these wet eyes.

I wish you realised the consequences of this decision for your family and fans.
I wish you were still around us. I will miss your presence.

P.S. I listen to your song, “Chaar Kadam” of “PK”, very often. Your work will always be appreciated by millions of us and your presence will always be felt.

May Your Soul Rest In Peace.
Rohit Sood.
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The Penmanrohit Show

Finally, the day has come when I am going to announce something that I never done before.

Clearly, I never thought of doing this until December 2019, but now I believe that this is going to be one of the best initiatives of my life because I feel that this will help me to connect with people in a better manner and help me to stay more natural while I am sharing any information or experience with people.

I hope you enjoy listening to my Personal Experiences along with various concepts about life.

I hereby, announce my first Podcast



I believe, “Instead of creating characters and then sharing their stories, it’s important to share the experiences of people which deserve to be heard.” In The Penmanrohit Show, I share my real life experiences and the lessons that I learned in my life based on my observation. The Podcast will help you realize the beauty of observation and may be you’ll also start observing things rather than just looking at them. You will enjoy listening to various concepts about Life and Corporate Sector that happens on daily basis. Stay Motivated! Stay Inspired!

Happy Birthday Jim Carrey

Dear Jim Carrey,

I may not be the first person to wish you on your birthday but anyways, my wish won’t reach you either, so technically, it doesn’t matter when I wish you.

You may not have heard of me ever or may be never will, yet, you are someone who was there to be the silver lining for me when I used to think so inferior of myself someway. Of course, now you may say that how could you have any impact on me if I haven’t met you personally.
Well! Undoubtedly, you can now imagine, if your work could inspire me to a great extent, how much influence you will have on me if I ever get a chance to meet you.

Yeah! That’s true that on everyday of you and Mr. Adam Sandler @adamsandler , I always wish both of you on your respective birthdays. And I feel so happy to express my regards towards you both, here through these platforms because you both have inspired me to a great extent.

I am really grateful for all the work you do and the way you led your life.

I hereby wish you a very Happy Birthday 🥳
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day 🎉

Your Random Fan,
Rohit Sood

BYE! BYE! 2020

BYE! BYE! 2020

Dear 2020, Normally, I am not so good at byes but this time its better that we part ways because it’s the only thing that’s better for all. You took away so many amazing souls away from us. I understand that it’s not so good to do a break up via Text but I think it’s better that we do it in this way.

Of course, I understand that there are many lessons that I learnt in your time, there are few awesome individuals that entered in my life during this tenure and I am so grateful to lord for the same.

I still feel that I am ready to enter 2021 with more Love and Hope and I don’t want to continue with you anymore

It’s time for you to become History.

Take Care!