Shared Inspiration

ICC Women Cricket World Cup.png
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”,
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
From the past few days, I have been reading so many posts for Indian Women Cricket Team but I continued to scroll down after reading them because I was indifferent to all of them because of my lack of interest in cricket.
However, today when my brother was watching the whole match, I could realize the excitement people might be having for the match, yet I still put that thought away and walked back to my study room.
Few hours later, at night while having dinner, I happened to see the match and a voice came from my heart that “India will win.”
I knew there was nothing I could do but hope for the best. To prove to the other half of me that I actually wanted the team to win, I posted the status, “India will win”. I knew that there was nothing I could do but pray and hope for the best.
Similarly in life, sometimes, we feel hopeless and start worrying about it. But it doesn’t last for long because the moment it starts appearing on our face, people start asking us about what happened which makes us feel that we have somebody to care for us.
However, there are some people who not only lose hope but also lose every possible reason to stay alive and they start feeling that there is no way out from where they have reached. But there is always a ray of light which exists for them as well. It is the power of sharing their emotions which can definitely help them to find optimism in life. We can share it on a call or chat with any friend or we can simply write it down and speak them up with ourselves only. This helps us to see the same problem from a different angle.
Feeling Bored all of a sudden while reading it?
Well! coming back to today,
I knew that there was another hour left to decide the fate of the match but I could not wait because I felt I must share this hope with others as well. It was because since morning, I had been reading statuses of people posting their statuses for Indian Women Cricket Team only.
The moment I posted that status , and continued to watch the match while having dinner, I saw the condition of match started getting worse and our chances to win were reducing with every minute.
After having dinner, when I checked my mobile after around 9-12 minutes, I saw tens of more posts for the team, saying that they were proud of the team. I was certain that nobody would make any troll for the team and rather everybody was proud of the way girls played in this Cricket World Cup.
That was the time when I realized how wonderful it can be when everybody share their positive vibes with each other. Because I am sure that if I saw only tens of such messages for the team, as a whole, the team players must have got millions of posts, comments, messages, spreading the same thoughts across about the Indian Team.
That is how, a ray of Hope works.
The way we inspired Indian Team today, if we inspire people around in a similar way and listen to their issues as well, it will give them courage to stand again and stay away from committing suicide too.
Let’s Share our inspiration and make this world a better place.
Feel free to share your experience of Today’s Match and let others learn from you.
Keep Learning 🙂
Keep Sharing 🙂
Rohit Sood.

One thought on “Shared Inspiration

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