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Life Tests Us At All Stages


August 01, 2018: Life Tests Us At All Stages:

I had been sick from over 10 days. Consulted 3 different doctors, tried 10 different medicines but there is no output, no recovery, all the tests were normal yet, no sense of recovery is observed. At such a stage, nothing appears to be good. My work is getting hampered and I am done giving excuses that I am not well so I have been taking proper participation at work yet the results will be compromised if I don’t deliver proper efforts. I don’t know when my health will get better but I am not giving up on curing myself. It has been more than 10 days and I will not lose hope because I know that I will be better soon and will get back to my spirits without any fail. I really need your blessings so that I can get well soon. Pray for me and wish me luck.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. Nobody will listen to your excuses. It is you who must decide how much efforts you need to put to deliver good results.
  2. That amazing moment when your dream come true and you purchase something that was most awaiting thing from past few days.
  3. Life is good when you know that your efforts are appreciated.
  4. That awkward moment when your ill health cannot be given as a reason for not staying in touch with your client.
Daily Lessons

May 03-04, 2018: Learning Is Real


May 03, 2018: Things I Learned Today:

  1. Every task may not be important for all, yet if it has a significance in your life, there is no harm in doing it.

May 04, 2018: Things I Learned Today:

  1. That awkward moment when people switch their statements within minutes. (P.S. P&B Management PPTs conversation with a teacher)
  2. Your right decisions may not be universally applicable for all, yet they are still considered to be right. (Lesson Credits: Roli)
Daily Lessons

May 01, 2018: My Birthday

The beginning of the month was quite interesting as my friend made every possible effort to make this day special for me. The more I thank her, the lesser it would be. It has been a great day as I experienced some of the amazing things. This birthday has become most memorable for me only because of one person and I know that I will cherish the moments for the rest of my life. I went to watch a movie and the lunch was quite wonderful, especially because of the presence of the person who was sitting next to me.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. Irrespective of the external environment, you will still have a chance to live your day as per your own wishes.
  2. It doesn’t matter where you go. With whom you go makes a lot of difference.
  3. It hurts to see people hiding their faults by making you feel guilty for no reason. (P.S. We vs System)
  4. A little wrong decision may ruin your mood to a great extent. (P.S. Picking a call while watching the movie.)
Daily Lessons

Do What You Love

“Learn From People”

Penmanrohit sood

  1. You know you have earned a real friend for life when he calls you back by seeing your missed call, just to take a birthday wishes from you.
  2. Nothing is more special than to get involved in the passion of the person you love.
  3. Keeping yourself busy with some tasks is far better than sitting idle and allowing negative thoughts to enter in your mind.
  4. “Jab Parwah Nahi Thi, Pari Ki Tarah Udti Thi. Zara Sa Socha, Aur Par Katt Gaye”, Ekta Kapoor.
  5. Adjust. Adapt. Negotiate.
  6. “Don’t listen to people. Do what your heart feels right.” Ekta Kapoor.

Keep Learning,

Keep Sharing,


Rohit Sood

January 07, 2018.

Daily Lessons

A Journey to Golden Temple

Finally, I was ready to go on a trip to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple and as per my friends suggestion, we decided to go via Train. Undoubtedly, it was a good decision. During this journey of over 2 hours, we came across many people including an old man, Mr. Varinder Malhotra who taught us various life lessons which would help us for the long run.
“Kindly shift a little bit aside to give me a seat”, he said to me.
However, I shifted towards outside so that he could move inside the seat but he insisted by saying that he was going towards Beas only.
Meanwhile, TT came to check the tickets and one of our fellow passengers was in a wrong train but she claimed that she was in a right train and paid Rs. 80, which encouraged TT to hand over the ticket of that stranger to me and say, “Kindly check the amount and please convey the amount to her.”
“It’s Rs. 60”, I said bit loud.
“But they took Rs. 80 from me and said it was the ticket for Superfast train only.”
I could only wonder whether she was in a wrong train intentionally, or the person at ticket counter took the balance amount or it was just a misunderstanding.
TT took her ticket and said that she will come back to take Rs. 265 from that woman.
“From where shall I bring that huge amount? I am going for medical purpose to Beas”, she said.
I did not know what to respond so I decided to keep quiet and observe people.
After over 40 minutes,
Oops!! I can’t keep quiet for that long, I am sitting next to an old man which means a pool of knowledge is sitting next to me. All I need to do is to fill a bucket for myself.
“What do you do?”, I asked.
“I do business of Dry Tea and currently I am going to Beas because we supply it to Beas Dera for over 15 years.”
There were a lot points which he discussed and finally made me realize that it is very good to initiate conversations with strangers, you never know what you may learn by just a little conversation.
This discussion was so fruitful that it encouraged the conversations among other passengers as well. This was the actual fact that brought a smile on my face because had I not initiated the conversation with that old man, other people would have continued to play games in their electronic gadgets.
Here’s a list of Things I Learned Today:
  1. Flexibility is not just a lesson rather it also teaches us a lot of other learnings which accompany with the experiences that come out of our flexibility.
  2. The people, to whom you really matter, are like the sun. To put it in a other way, no matter how dark the night is, they will shine bright in the morning with the same love and energy.
  3. When you love someone, you will appreciate their every small gesture.
  4. That amazing day when you know that you are with someone even when they are far away.
  5. Everyone is selfish but you should be selfish for Lord instead of your own self. (P.S.”Swarthi ta saare hunde ne. Par Gurumukh swarthi bano. Mannmukh swarthi nai” shared by Mr. Varinder Malhotra, 62, an old man in a train.)
  6. Many people may not believe in superstitions but there are people who have complete faith on them as they might have witnessed something similar with their own eyes.
Daily Lessons

Realization Comes From Within

An Amazing Day of January 2018


Today, I carried a smile on my face for the most part of my day and also experienced some situations which taught me the following lessons:
  1. If you are not in a good mood, nothing can make it right until that person himself/herself helps you to eliminate that reason which troubles you the most. However, such situations are firstly created in your mind, that’s how it all begins first.
  2. That amazing moment when you begin to understand people rather than focusing too much on situations.
  3. Things that make you sad are generally created in your own mind and do not have any real existence.
  4. Even if people don’t express it but sometimes, your words may hurt them to some extent.
  5. Life is amazing when you know that you have someone by your side who can vanish all your negative thoughts with just their presence only.
Hope you got some good insights from my today’s experience.
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood
January 04, 2018
Special Days

Startup Mystery Solved

Everything You Need To Learn About Startups

Startup Diaries

“What is Start-up?”
“Who want to do a startup?”
“Who don’t want to?”
As Mr. Dilnawaz, the guest speaker of the day, asked the above questions, one of the students spoke his answer.
However, He encouraged that student to come forward and then speak. It really impressed me to listen to this speaker further.
“So what is start-up?”
  • A new entrepreneurial venture,
  • Develops & markets highly innovative product & services,
  • Solving a big & real problem,
  • High scalability & potential for significant growth,
  • Generally technology based.
Technology helps in scaling and it makes the startup much more efficient.
Later, he talked about Mr. Kunal Shah, founder and ex-CEO of Freecharge and his Delta-4 theory which states that “If efficiency of one scenario is 4 times more than other scenarios, it is a potential startup.”
Originally, Mr. Kunal Shah gave this statement, “If Efficiency Scoring (Number of customers who adapts the new model and those who sticks to the old one) is more than 4, It carries a huge potential to be successful.”
This might not be enough, I would recommend you to read more about Delta 4 Theory. Coming back to the session, Dilnawaz Sir continued,”At some places, there is high efficiency, at others, moderate, whereas there are some cases in which there is very low efficiency.”
Ques. What is required to do a Startup?
The above 4 words appeared on the projector and he asked us how many of us agree to the given statement, almost all the students raised their hands in agreement, and while others did not raise hands in any of the cases. I, along with one or two students as an exception, raised my hands to say that Million Dollar Idea is not required to make a start-up.
Other students did not say much but I gave few examples including Amazon which started initially with Book Selling and later on shifted on other products & services, however, whatever I said, he disagreed to it and said something to which I decided not to say anything because he was our guest speaker and I did not want to sound offensive as undoubtedly, he had more experience than me and must be having more knowledge in his kitty.
A smile came back on my face when he changed the slide which said,
“You must have faith on yourself. Problem is a real deal”, he said.
He further continued to share his 3 Mantras about Startup which he personally derived, to which he stated, “You will be successful in your startup if you do these three things in line.”
  1. Right Skill Set: Most underrated but Most Important
    Good Thing is that it can always be taught.
  2. You need to be super-empathetic towards your customer: It shows that you are the customer of your own product.
  3. Passion: People say it is overrated but it is not true.
“In the process of doing a startup, you will know what you really are”, he said.
“Startup is an extremely boring and it does not pay you initially”, he also stated.
The Must Read Checklist To Consider Before Your Pursue A Start-up:
  1. Pain Point/Problem of a customer,
  2. Opportunity/Size of Market,
  3. Solutions/Offering
  4. Unique Value Proposition (What competitor’s product does not provide)
  5. Business Model (Note: It is different from Solutions/Offering)
  6. Financial Model based on the value
  7. Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategy
  8. Competitive Benchmarking (Indirect Competitors)
  9. Unfair Advantage  (This section decides why people cannot make the product which you are providing)
After giving wonderful insights related to Start-ups, He shared some of the must read books for Entrepreneurs which are as follows:
  1. Zero To One: Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal
  2. The Lean Startup: Eric Ries (Dilnawaz shared some insights about Thiel Fellowship Program and an example of Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO)
  3. Change By Design: Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO
  4. Platform Revolution: Sangeet Paul Choudary, Geoffrey Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne
  5. Matchmakers: James Evans and Richard L. Schmalensee
To put it in a nutshell, it was one of the most interesting sessions that I have ever attended so far. I am thankful to Mr. Dilnawaz for sharing wonderful insights with us within a short span of time.
Kindly share your experience of reading the article or your opinion about startups in the comment below,
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.
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